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New Scouts

Welcome to Boy Scouts!

If you are coming from Cub Scouts, the big differences are the scouts run the troop meetings and outings, not the adults, and there is no den leader making the arrangements for you to advance and earn awards — instead, you choose your own level of participation in the troop, and your own rate of advancement in rank.

As with other things in life, you get out of Scouting what you put into it, so we encourage you to be active in attending troop meetings and outings, and to be proactive in doing the requirements for advancing in rank and earning merit badges.

The links on the right have information for scouts and parents.

There is no special start date for new scouts. Just come to the next troop meeting, even if you don’t yet have a uniform.

Joining the Troop

The following need to be turned in to Lisa Megowan or Kay Teague:

You’ll need a Scout Handbook and a uniform consisting of:

  • tan Boy Scout shirt
  • insignia
    • troop numerals 622
    • green shoulder loops
    • Ventura County┬áCouncil shoulder patch
    • World Scout Crest patch
  • olive Boy Scout pants or shorts, or convertible pants/shorts
    (the troop often has pants outgrown by older scouts; ask us before you buy)
  • neckerchief slide
  • Boy Scout web belt (unless the pants have a built-in belt)
  • Boy Scout socks

Our troop does not wear the Boy Scout cap but has a Troop specific hat.

You will soon need a merit badge sash, so you might want to buy it now.

The troop will supply you with the troop neckerchief and a troop t-shirt (additional t-shirts can be purchased).

Note that:

  • at troop meetings we wear our uniform without the neckerchief or sash
  • on outings we usually wear the troop t-shirt
  • at courts of honor we wear the full uniform including neckerchief and sash

Uniforms and scout supplies can be purchased at:

  • Ventura County Council Scout Store
    509 East Daily Drive
    Camarillo, CA 93010
    (805) 482-8938
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